New Chrysler Inventory Leads Its Class and Offers Invaluable Performance

Offering invaluable warranties, reputable dependability, and steadfast reliability, Chrysler vehicles have been popular among consumers for decades. Partnering with Dodge, Jeep, and RAM, Chrysler comes from a family of fan-favorite vehicles that offer functionality and style in one comprehensive package.

When Hopkinsville consumers think of the Chrysler brand, they automatically focus on the signature emblem that appears on the front grille or this vehicle's home base in Detroit. Yet, the Chrysler brand has so much to offer. Vans and sedans are some of the niche vehicles this automaker specializes in, allowing them to pay extra attention to the intricate details and passenger comfort of this selective lineup.

Chrysler Vans

Perfect for families of any size who enjoy a little extra room and modern amenities, Chrysler vans are a suitable vehicle option. Current models include the Pacifica, Pacifica Hybrid, and Voyager, all of which do an excellent job of replacing the beloved Chrysler Town & Country. After completing 27 model runs and five generations, the Town & Country was replaced by newer models with designs that are more contemporary and innovative.

Chrysler vans provide a perfect vehicle to merge fuel efficiency and extra passenger seating together in the Fort Campbell area. Traditional vans already set the standard for fuel economy, but hybrid and electric models ramp up that potential. Like the Pacifica Hybrid, some Chrysler vans can attain up to 82 MPGe, making it a leader in its class. As Chrysler continues to develop new can models, we can only suspect the efficiency will continue to grow. Consumers reap the benefit of excellent fuel economy, but they can also transport multiple passengers in minivan models. Seating for up to 7 or 8 passengers around Clarksville is typical of these types of vehicles. This enhances the overall versatility that Chrysler minivans inhibit.

Safety and technology are also at the forefront of Chrysler van designs. While these characteristics are inherent in all of our vehicles, minivans require a greater commitment to safety due to their structure and potential to hold up to 8 passengers. Leading the way with safety features, Chrysler minivans keep this aspect as one of their main focal points in Princeton.


Chrysler Sedans

With just as much functionality in a smaller package, Chrysler sedans offer a commendable ride and innovative features. Always focused on the future, Chrysler takes great pride in designing cars that will be in style for years to come and are powered by engines that will allow them to do so. The Chrysler 300 is a popular sedan option for this automaker, as have been multiple other Chrysler 200 and 300 models in the past. Despite the lack of variety in the sedan model lineup, Chrysler makes up for the reduced number of selections by adding in various trim levels that feature unique characteristics. This better allows Chrysler to focus on a few select models at a time with greater detail and concentration than possible.

Chrysler Financing

Financing for new and used Chrysler vehicles can change over time. Yet, the primary methods for vehicle financing remain the same. Loan, lease, or certified pre-owned options are a mainstay in Chrysler's financing lineup. Our finance department can help discuss the right choice for each Oak Grove and Cadiz client and go over the details necessary to complete each financing approach. Regardless of the type of Chrysler you are interested in, special offers and APRs may make your purchase more affordable and enticing.

Select a New Chrysler

If you are as impressed with Chrysler's commitment to consumer satisfaction and innovation as Sisk Auto Mall is, come in to see the available inventory we have to offer today. Take one on a test drive, see one in person, or discuss financing options with our professionals' team. We will get you into a new or used Chrysler model quicker than ever.