The Dodge Line-up of Vehicles in Hopkinsville

What do you envision when you think of Dodge? Do you think of old school sports cars? Do you picture a Sports Utility Vehicle that can tackle almost any job? Dodge is a proven auto manufacturer that provides quality cars, sedans, and SUVs to its enthusiasts. The Dodge family of vehicles is known for its versatility. Let's look at the list of Dodge vehicles available to the Clarksville consumer today.

Dodge Crossovers and Sports Utility Vehicles

The line of Dodge Sports Utility Vehicles has been streamlined to include one mid-size crossover SUV and a full-size.

The Dodge Journey is a mid-size crossover Sports Utility Vehicle (CUV). This means that the Journey is a conglomeration of a minivan, a sports utility vehicle, and a sedan. When driving a Journey, Cadiz drivers will enjoy the comfort of driving a sedan, the cargo room and interior cabin space of a minivan, and the sporty handling of an SUV.

The full-size Sports Utility Vehicle is the Dodge Durango. This SUV offers the capability and durability of an SUV with the comforts of a luxury sedan. The Durango offers ample cargo room as well as a spacious cabin area.

Dodge Vans

The Dodge Caravan and Grand Caravan are the lone minivans in the Dodge family of vehicles. Both share a reputation for providing over three decades of unbeatable comfort and purpose for consumers.

The Caravan hauls you, your family (the Caravan seats up to seven comfortably), and your cargo anywhere you need to be! Oak Grove drivers can also enjoy under-the-seat storage options, headrest DVD players for the kids, and the ability to fold down the third-row seat for added cargo room.

The Grand Caravan offers these things and more! In fact, the Grand Caravan offers Best-in-Class storage options not available on the Caravan (nor the competition). Enjoy not only the Single DVD Entertainment System but also wireless headphones and unlimited connectivity in the Grand Caravan. You might also be pleasantly surprised to learn that the Grand Caravan is equipped to tow up to 2,000 pounds! Can you say road trip?

Dodge Cars and Sedans

The Dodge line of cars is one that is both retro and modern. The two most recognizable Cars in the Dodge family are:

  • the Dodge Charger (two-door or sedan)
  • the Challenger (two doors only)

The Dodge Charger is a proven performance car. You may opt for a family-friendly four-door sedan. The Charger offers trim options that employ a more family-friendly fuel economy-minded car. The Charger seats five adults comfortably, and it offers all the safety features you need for a young family (car seat attachments, child protection locks, etc.). However, opt for the HEMI engine, and Fort Campbell drivers will see the Charger (literally) SCAT down the road (an optional package is called the Scat Pack).

There are also trim levels of both the Charger and the Challenger called the "Hell Cat" and the "Demon." These are super-fast cars not meant for a family ride. They are often considered different cars from the Charger and Challenger, but that is not correct. They are simply the racing version of these cars.

The Challenger is also a retro car that is a throwback to the past while also being a modern marvel. Although it only comes as a two-door car, the Challenger can seat five adults comfortably. Like the Charger, the Challenger offers an optional package called the Scat Pack.

No matter what type of Dodge vehicle you choose from Sisk Auto Mall near Princeton, you will pick a winner. You may find yourself in need of a van or a Sports Utility Vehicle, but, by contrast, you may find yourself in the market for a speedster. The Dodge family of vehicles has something for every customer. See your local Dodge dealership today to personally inspect one of these great Mopar products.