Nissan - the Entire Line-up from Cars and Trucks to SUVs

Nissan is a proven auto manufacturer that has held a forty-year presence in the American auto market, and a successful one at that. Nissan has expanded from simply offering fuel-efficient cars to manufacturing quality trucks, vans, and Sports Utility Vehicles as well! At Sisk Auto Mall near Clarksville, you'll find something to fit your needs.

Nissan Cars, Sedans, and Hatchbacks

Nissan offers the following cars, sedans, and hatchbacks:

While all Nissan products strive to provide fuel economy, the Nissan line of cars and sedans continue to earn the greatest fuel efficiency. The smaller Nissan cars offer Princeton drivers the greatest fuel economy. The compact Versa offers seating for four adults, and this car is a great commuter for those with a long trek to work. Another compact Nissan car, the Sentra, also provides great fuel mileage while providing a little more room for the driver and passengers.

Moving up to full-size cars, the Nissan Altima is one of the most recognizable cars on the road. This car offers seating for five, and multiple trim packages offer the ability to make the Altima as practical or as comfortable as you'd like.

The Maxima is the most "loaded" of the Nissan car family. It is slightly larger than the Altima, giving it more cargo room. It is also a "sportier" sedan, although many Oak Grove families do enjoy the four-door version of the car.

Nissan has recently begun to offer a hatchback known as the LEAF, a 100 percent electric car. The LEAF was created to go further from one charge. In fact, one can expect to go at least 226 miles before needing to charge the battery again.

Trucks and Vans

Nissan expanded its line of automobiles to include trucks, and this line has become rather popular over the years. Nissan offers two trucks, one with two versions:

The Nissan Frontier is the mid-size truck of the line-up. It offers great fuel economy while still allowing you to haul cargo. The Frontier offers a single, extended, or double cab version. You can also choose between bed lengths of regular, short, and long (wheelbase) beds.

The Nissan Titan is the full-size truck, and the Nissan Titan XD is the "heavy-duty" version of the Titan. You'll get the ability to haul cargo and tow a trailer as well. Like the Frontier, you can get a variety of cab configurations and bed lengths to fit your personal needs. Moreover capability, Cadiz drivers will also get the ability to save on fuel.

When it comes to vans, Nissan produces several commercial vans. Passenger vans have been discontinued to put emphasis on developing their line of crossovers and Sports Utility Vehicles.

Nissan Crossovers and Sports Utility Vehicles

Nissan offers the following CUVs and SUVs:

Nissan offers a wide range of Sports Utility Vehicles. The CUVs among this group include the Nissan Kicks and the Nissan Rogue and a variation of the Rogue, the Rogue Sport.

The Nissan Kicks offers the comfort and handling of driving a sedan, the roomy cabin of a minivan, and the utilitarian nature of an SUV. This makes the Kicks a "crossover" Sports Utility Vehicle, or a CUV.

The Rogue and Rogue Sport are approximately the same size as the Kicks; it also offers lots of cabin and cargo room while seating five adults comfortably.

The Murano is the mid-size SUV among the Nissan family of cars. It seats up to six and offers many great amenities depending upon the trim package Fort Campbell car buyers choose.

The Pathfinder and the Armada are the full-size SUVs of the Nissan family.

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