Let White's Auto Mall Buy Your Car in Hopkinsville

Are you looking to get rid of your car? Maybe you don't drive it anymore, and you are looking to move on. Would you know where to turn or how much it is worth? White's Auto Mall is ready to help you figure out both. We will buy your old vehicle from you and give you money on the spot. You won't even have to buy one of our outstanding new or used vehicles. We'll take your car off your hands so you can start worrying about other things. It all happens at White's Auto Mall in Hopkinsville. And you know you will get a good deal in return because of the Kelley Blue Book tool. ****We are ALWAYS looking to purchase quality preowned vehicles, whether you trade or buy with us! Contact us for details!***

Why We Buy Your Car

If you have a car that is just collecting dust in your Clarksville garage or you are looking to trade it in for an upgrade, White's Auto Mall is here for you. We consider your unwanted car the newest addition to our exceptional inventory of used vehicles. It is also a great way for us to help each other out. We boost our selection of used vehicles, and you walk away with money in your pocket. You get a fair return on your vehicle, with guidance from the Kelley Blue Book trade evaluator. It is an accurate way to find out what you can get in return for your car. It is the most trusted name in the industry when it comes to determining a vehicle's value.

Kelley Blue Book Makes the Process Easy

With just a little bit of information about your car, you can find out how much you can get in return. Tell us about your car's make, model year, how many miles, if it has any packages added, and its condition. Within a minute, you'll discover its market value. Then, bring it to White's Auto Mall. Our team of appraisers will inspect it, then make you an offer on the spot. You can accept it or not. It's that simple. If you agree to the offer, you're heading back to Oak Grove or Cadiz with cash in your pocket or a check in your hand. Then you have a little extra spending cash for your adventures in Princeton or Fort Campbell. 

Visit Hopkinsville and Let Us Work with You

Don't get stuck with a car you can't sell. Instead, use the Kelley Blue Book trade evaluator and learn how much your vehicle is worth. White's Auto Mall will buy it from you. When you let us buy your car, everyone wins.